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Self- Packing

Labeling: Clearly label particularly large items and mark on the floor the position you want them in.

Boxes: Don’t use boxes that are too big. Don’t overload boxes. Mark boxes clearly as to what is in them. Mark on boxes which room they are to be left in. Mark on boxes information such as FRAGILE and THIS WAY UP.

China and Glass: Line the carton with shredded newspaper and wrap pieces individually in tissue paper. Mark the box “Fragile” or “Very Fragile”.

Books: For weight reasons, rule of thumb is no more than 30 to a carton.

Plates, Records and CD’s: Stand on side, do not pack flat.

Mirrors, Picture Frames: Wrapped in bubble wrap or any other protective material (blanket, towels).

Packing: Make sure that everything is packed well and is ready to go.

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