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What to do before the removal

Getting ready for the removal can be quite hard sometimes, as it is not just about packing all your belongings a few days before moving. There are several details that we need to pay attention to, which requires time, patience and a lot of work.
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Prepare a checklist

Prepare a checklist of all the things you need to do and determine a priority for each of them. Plan even the small details and do not rely on memory, because during the removals process, important things can be forgotten. Do it to ensure that deadlines are met and that everything is remembered at the time.

Start disassembling furniture

Start packing the things you don’t need often and keep packing the boxes in the garage or where there is space. Start disassembling the furniture and organizing the motorized machines like the lawnmower .

Check every cabinet

Check out all the cabinets and furniture that will stay in the old house to ensure you do not forget anything.

Avoid buying unnecessary items.

To avoid having to carry a lot of food, drink or liquid things that can leak, like shampoo, go shopping only for the time remaining until the day of the change.

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