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Awesome Packing Tips

It is very important to think about the details so that your belongings do not suffer any kind of damage. We’ve prepared a list of tips that can help you packing!

1.Cuddly toys can be very helpful!

To prevent fragile items from breaking during the transportation, place cuddly toys, blankets, sheets, and towels inside plastic bags and use them to fill any gaps inside the boxes.

2.Use paper rolls as cable organizers

A good way to organize cables and wires, is by using rolls of toilet paper. You can write tags and descriptions or on the outside of each roll. This will save you countless hours of attempts and errors.

3.Identify everything by colours.

You can make use of coloured pens to make it easier to organize your new home. Write, in the boxes, the place where they will be placed. Make use of different colours to easily distinguish different categories.

4.Box with handles

Use scissors to make two triangular openings, one in each opposite side of the boxes, to fit your hands. It will make transportation much easier!

5.Take a Picture of the cables

Take a picture before you disconnect the cables from your computer. This will help you when installing the cables again in your new home, saving you several attempts and errors.

  1. Turn everything into packaging

Use objects like kitchen gloves to wrap cutlery. You can also store some things inside the microwave or the washing machine. But remember to seal the doors with crepe tape and fill the space inside with bubble or duvet plastic.

7.Organize the Screws

To organize your screws, pack them in small sachets, pass duct tape over them or wrap in aluminum foil. Leave them glued on the furniture with crepe tape. So you’ll save the job of searching for the screws when you arrive in your new home.

8.Hygiene Items

To protect your Hygiene items, use film paper or bubble wrap to pack and avoid leaks. Fill the gaps with pieces of cotton, avoiding the makeup to break during transportation.

9. Cups

To protect cups, pack them in paper bags or use boxes with compartments, avoiding breakage during the way.



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