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Tips for an organized removal

To move out without stress you need to get ready in advance. Regardless of whether it is the first or the third time you get ready for a removal, everyone is subject to contingencies, whether they are related to time, cleaning, or packing. For this to happen, we have prepared a few tips that will make your home removal a pleasant experience.

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Organize the mess.

Set a week aside to organize the mess of each room. In this way, such a step will be performed calmly, without rushing. If there is any Broken tools, old toys and clothes you no longer use,  you can donate everything to charity before moving.

Give a number to each room.

For instance:

  • Room 100
  • Kitchen 200
  • Double room 300
  • Children’s room 400
  • Office 500
  • Toilet 600
  • Laundry 700
  • Garage 800
  • and so on.

You can also use color-coding. So when it comes to packaging, it will be much easier to organize box by box.

Small objects.

Louças e utensílios de cozinha podem ser revestidos com jornal, folha sulfite e plástico bolha antes de serem colocados dentro das caixas. Quanto menos pertences dentro de cada caixa melhor, assim, não terá peso sobre o que está no fundo. Se ficarem soltos dentro da caixa, preencha os buracos com algodão, toalhas ou até mesmo bichinhos de pelúcia.

Dishes and kitchen utensils can be coated with newspaper, sulphite sheet and bubble wrap before being placed inside boxes. The less belongings within each box the better. If they get loose inside the box, fill the gaps with cotton, towels or even cuddly toys.

Large Objects.

Larger items such as furniture, home appliances, and wall pictures do not need boxes to be transported. But they need care so they do not suffer damage. The best way to do this,  is to coat them with a blanket or bubble wrap.

Make a list.

Before you start packing, make a list of the items you want to take to the new residence. Make sure there is enough space in the future home for everything you listed. Separate clothes and shoes that are not used, as well as furniture, objects and appliances that will not be used. Then, determine what you will keep and what you can sell or donate.

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