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Get settled after the removal

Now is the time to put everything in order! Organization is very important so that as boxes do not remain days, or even months leaning in the corners of the house.We’ve prepared some tips to help you with this task.

1. Stay focused.

Alvo com fecha no meio

You need to stay focused on the task you set out to do; if you started, finish it! It’s no use jumping from task to task without finishing anything at all. Unfinished work gives the impression that there will always be more to be done and it will never end.

2.Where to leave the boxes

Young woman carrying boxes

It is important to leave each box in its specific room, this facilitates the organization and does not let any object get lost during unpacking.

3.By what room should I start?

Comodo com poucos móveis

We recommend you to start the organization by the bathroom, to go to the kitchen and then the rooms. For there are objects that will be used more often.

4.What should I unpack first?

Um homem e uma mulher desempacotando itens de mudança

Remove the fragile objects first from the boxes, so the risk of breaking ends up being much smaller.

5.Unpack the most frequently used items first

colheres e garfos

Most likely you will not be able to unpack an entire room in just one day. For the kitchen, for example, our tip is to separate the main items like plates, cutlery, glasses and pots, so it will be much easier to access those items that you use more often.

6.In what order should I unpack?

Sala de estar com sofá de luminária

Follow the order from bigger to smaller. For example: in the bedroom, set up the closet and bed and then unpack the clothes and smaller items.

7. Rethink

Mulher pensativa

Tidying up after the move is a great opportunity to rethink about everything you have and what really has value or usefulness to you. What is no longer useful should be discarded. In this case, we can help you through our Disposal Services.  In case you need some extra space, you can find more about our Storage services on this page.




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