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How to help your children adapt to the home moving

Different teachers, new environment, new friends, new life. If for adults a home moving can cause headache, imagine for children. It may present a problem for them if they have not been prepared in advance. In order to avoid such problems to happen, we have prepared a post that may help you

Moving Children

A child’s reaction depends a lot on his age. Until 2 or 3 years of age, no worries are required. Children of these ages adapt perfectly to change. In this case, parents will only have to pass on trust and safety to their children. You’ll have to pay more attention when your child is from 3 years up.

Dialogue about the moving with your child.

First of all, talk to the child. Explain where the neighborhood is, the street, how the house looks like, what the new life will be like, and the fun things to move around. Explain the reasons for the change and how you can improve family life. It is important that the child can open up and demonstrate their feelings to the parents.

Show them the good side of moving.

Show your child how fun it can be if they move, prepare activities, turn sadness into excitement! Prepare the good points of the neighborhood, the house or prepare the house together with the child to make it comfortable for everyone. If possible, introduce the house before the move, it is important that they are more curious than fearful.

Give value to the moving.

Host a farewell party with friends or family, this can ease the sadness of saying goodbye to the old place. Talk about the good times that have passed and how in the new house there may be even more.

Some advices.

  • Understand your child’s concerns, explain that they will have good friends and it will be a fresh start.
  • Invite your child to separate the toy box, so they can participate. If the child already knows how to write, ask for help by identifying the boxes
  • The best time to move is during the holidays. Include your child in preparation for the new home. If he chooses not to get involved, spend a few days moving into a relative’s home or trusted friend. Then, go out with your child and explain the importance of the new home in your life.
  • Try to understand his side and make him understand yours with patience.


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