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7 tips to plan your removal

Planning is always important when it comes to a removal, as it is not a simple and, hardly, quick process. To do so, we’ve made seven tips to make this process as quiet and as exhausting as possible.

7 tips to plan your removal:

1 – Discard Objects:

Descartar, por no lix

Discard objects, clothes, and everything else that no longer serves. Ask yourself questions such as “is it broken, or need repair?”, “Is that too old?”, “Is it used frequently?”; this will help a lot in identifying the need of the item.

2 – Packing cartons:

Caixas de papelão

Take as many boxes as possible, of different sizes, since they must hold the weight without tearing. Supermarkets and large appliance stores give out cardboard boxes that they don’t use anymore. But if you need them quickly, we at Speed ​​Removals sell boxes for you!

3 – Separate newspapers:

Pilha de jornais

Separate newspapers to pack more fragile objects, they will be essential so that nothing will break when packing everything.

4 – Make lists:

Lista com caneta

Ensure what materials you’ll need. So on the day of removal, the chances of forgetting something will be much smaller.

5 – Write “fragile” in boxes with delicate objects:

Alerta de objeto fragil

It may seem futile, but this tip is very important. With the word “fragile” written in the boxes, everyone will take more care and the more delicate objects are less likely to break.

6 – Identify the boxes:

Caixas identificadas com adesivos

Use crepe tape and packaging-specific adhesives that will not take off easily to describe what each box contains, so identifying parts is easier.

7 – Start by packaging less-used objects:

Removal 5

Always leave the last items that you use the most, so do not risk forgetting and having to open a box or a package to pick up a toothbrush, for example.

But the best tip we can give you is this: Count on speed removals to make your removal! We have a professional and careful team that will carry out the service from start to finish for you!

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