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How to adapt your pet to the new home

Moving from another home to someone who has a pet ends up leading to more complications than for those who does not have one. It is normal that it takes a while for the animals to get used to the new territory. To make this change less stressful, we have prepared some tips that will help your pet adapt to the new home.


Cachorro doméstico

When home moves happen, it is common for dogs to feel very lost. It is best to maintain the same pattern as the old home so that you avoid major changes in your pet’s daily life.

Some tips that help in the adaptation of the dog to the new house:

  • Show your dog the new home; go into each room with him, showing where the water and food are too.
  • If you moved to a smaller apartment, take your dog for a walk, so he will spend the same energy as before.
  • Let your pet explore the new home, if his behavior changes, have patience. Dogs need time to adapt, just like humans do.
  • Do not get irritated if the dog urinates in an inappropriate place. One tip is to buy hygienic carpets, usually they address them when they need to pee or poop.


Gato branco

With cats, change is no less important. In fact, the attention with them should be redoubled, because cats usually return to the old house. On the way to the new home, make sure the pet is actually in its transport bag.

If you have moved from a house to an apartment, bring it to the feline’s room objects, toys and furniture to entertain him. Even more on high places. They like height and feel more confident.

Soon after, let him wander around. The room where his belongings are is your safe haven. In few days your cat will be comfortable with your new home.

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