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We are all familiar with the hassle that comes with moving house; packing and unpacking, loading and offloading items, not to mention the heavy lifting that comes with it. Speed Removals is here to save you from this nerve-wracking task by providing excellent man and van service services. Apart from the state-of-art hoisting equipment and custom-built moving trucks, we have a crew of responsible employees who ensure your items are safely packed, loaded and ferried to the new location. Thus, you don’t have to worry about theft, damage or loss of your items. Visit our site- speed-removals.com to find out more about our services.

Cheap Service Rates

Homeowners who move their household items spend on:

• Packing supplies
• Fuel costs
• Taking time off work
• Liabilities caused by damaged goods
• Hiring a van
• Additional labour costs for dismantling and carrying items

While the expenses apply to both scenarios, we charge bulk rates on the boxes and packing. Additionally, fuel costs are reduced to a flat rate, and we don’t charge extra costs if held up in traffic. Simply put, there are no hidden costs with our services. Our charges are estimates of the distance to be covered or storage facilities to be used. As such, local moves tend to be relatively cheap, but our team discusses the entire service cost prior the relocation exercise with clients to ensure we are on the same page. You can request a free quote by visiting our website speed-removals.com.

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Appropriate Moving Equipment for Man and Van Service

We come equipped with the right relocation equipment and vehicle to ensure the safety of all items. For starters, we boast a fleet of moving vehicles that come in different sizes and are custom-built with air ride cushions to avoid damaging the household items. The inspection team first visits the client’s home to determine the appropriate size of the vehicle to be used and any adjustments that should be made to it prior to the exercise. They are also armed with full range tools and equipment like hoisting straps, ramps and appliance dollies. So, whether you are moving an L-shaped couch, electrical appliances or disassembling furniture, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, the movers are conversant with how to handle all kinds of items; the heavy, bulky and the sensitive electronics so that all the elements are transferred to the moving truck and new home safely. Speed Removals provides insurance for all household items, so we are liable for any loss, damage or theft of the goods.

Safe Storage Facilities in London

Sometimes, the home you are relocating to may not be ready, or you may be moving to a temporary house for some months before moving to the main location; all such scenarios may delay the move to a later date. We provide storage facilities with short-term, overnight and long-term options in London at a flexible charge. Clients don’t have to worry about loss, damage or theft of their items as they are stored in a safe vault.

Engaging Speed Removals man and van service is worth every cent. Planning to move soon? Book now!

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