Parking Dispensation

You might need to use some extra parking space on the day of your removal. Arrange parking dispensation in your area by getting in touch with your Local Authority. Some of them require a few days’ notice.

The following links will help you arrange parking dispensation in your area for your removal day:

  • Barnet Parking – Barnet require at least 5 working days notice to suspend parking for your removal. You need to apply online.
  • Brent Parking – Here you can find how to suspend parking for your move within Brent.
  • Camden Parking – Check this page to apply for parking permits for your removal in Camden.
  • Enfield Parking – For Enfield, fill the form on this link.
  • Harrow Parking – Harrow page allow you to arrange parking suspension and dispensation.
  • Haringey Parking – This page provides parking permit for your removal lorry in Haringey.
  • Hertsmere Parking – Hertsmere requires you to download and complete the form online for suspending parking for your removal.
  • Islington Parking – Here you can find the instructions for parking dispensation in Islington.
  • Westminster Parking – Check this page to rrange suspensions and dispensation for parking your removal lorry in Westminster.

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