Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are in place to ensure that all parties involved in the moving process know what their responsibilities are. The Terms and Conditions are in place to ensure that the move will go as planned and that no misunderstandings may occur on the given moving date. They are in place to ensure that the provided information is accurate so the correct size vehicle, number of movers and the correct tools are required to be able to conduct the move as agreed.

Where we use the words ‘You’ or ‘Your’ it means the customer. ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means Speed-Removals International LTD or Speed-Removals WA LTD.

Please note: These terms & conditions may be changed with the agreement of both the customer and Speed-Removals. Please notify us if you wish to make any changes when making your booking. By confirming a booking with Speed-Removals. you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Minimum hour’s job

There are a minimum of 2 hours on all jobs, when you require van plus 1 or 2 men. Therefore, if you required 3 men and a van, a minimum of 3 hours on all jobs will be applied. Rates are charged in half hour increments.

  1. Congestion charge & ULEZ

Extra payment of £12.00 is required if traveling through the congestion charge area as well as £13.00 for the ULEZ charge.

  1. Arrival times

Job arrival times are estimated. Although we do our best to be on time, circumstances out of our control may cause delays, we do not offer discounts for lateness.

  1. Customer responsibility
  • Parking must be arranged and is the responsibility of the customer. Any parking fines incurred will be added to the cost of the final bill.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to be present at all addresses concerned throughout the moving process. Speed-Removals will not be held responsible if the property is left unattended.
  • It is the costumer responsibility to provide us a list of all items by e-mail at least 72 hours prior to the start of the removals in order to be covered by our goods in transit insurance.
  1. Our responsibility
  • It is our responsibility to deliver your goods to you undamaged. By “undamaged we mean in the same condition as they were in the time when they were packed or otherwise made ready for transportation and/or storage.
  • In the event of loss of or damage to your goods caused by negligence or breach of contract on our part, our liability to you is to be assessed as a sum equivalent to the coast of their repair or replacing, taking into account their age and condition immediately prior to their loss or damage subject to a maximum liability of £40.00 per item.
  1. Hourly charge

The Hourly charge rate applies when traveling inside the M25.

Outside M25, the charging rate is based on MPT (miles, petrol and time spent). In international removals Our costs may change when there  are currency changes in taxation on fuel, ferry, freight,  or toll charges that are out of our control.

No liability is accepted for any lost or damaged items that are seized and confiscated by any government agencies such as Customs authorities.

The hourly rate is chargeable from the time we arrive at the collection address and finishes when the job is complete. For all disposal services, extra time will be added to cover the time spent to dispose of the items.

  1. Customer misbehavior

We reserve the right to refuse, cease or stop the job at any point if our staff is abused – verbally or otherwise.

  1. Cancellation

If you postpone or cancel after your booking is confirmed, you will not be charged if you give us six days notice in advance of the confirmed quote. If you postpone or cancel within five days of the start time of the move you will be charged 30% of the confirmed quote. If you postpone or cancel within 72 hours of the start time of the move you will be charged 40% of the confirmed quote.

  1. Property access

If the property access is not suitable for the removal vehicle to get within 20 meters of the doorway, and as a result the removal contractors have to do additional work not included in the   quotation, an additional charge will be added.

  1. Insurance

Our Goods in Transit insurance claims are subject to an excess of £350.00 payable at begging of the claim by the client. Whether the claim will be successful or not, the excess fee is not be refundable.This insurance is separate from this contract and subject to the terms and conditions of that policy provided by a third party insurer. The claim will only be accepted for up 7 days after the service was provided. Our insurance which is included in the price quoted it’s for GOODS IN TRANSIT only, and will only cover items while in Transit and not any damages inside the property. Should you need further cover for you move, please contact an insurance broker and obtain appropriate insurance cover.

If any goods are damaged,we will accept liability for loss or damage:

(a) If is due to our negligence whilst the goods are in our physical possession,

(b) Where there is a third party involved with the transport of goods such as international transport operator,we act on your behalf and the  terms, conditions and insurance are set out by that contracted carrier.

  1. Self-packing

Speed-Removals will not be held responsible for any damage caused by any inappropriate self-packing.

  1. Payment

(a) Payments for jobs done in London (within the M25) must be made at the completion of the job. We accept cash payment or  Bank transfer. For all bank transfers, a 20% VAT charge will be applicable.

(b) For all jobs done outside London (outside the M25) we require  a 50% deposit at least one week prior to the removal date.  We accept cash payment or  Bank transfer.

  1. Restricted items 

The following items are not permitted to be removed unless previously agreed and an inventory is submitted in writing to the Suppliers and Contractors at least 72 hours prior to the removal:

Jewelery, watches, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections. Prohibited or stolen items, drugs, dangerous, damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, firearms, and ammunition.

  1. Revision of storage charges

If there is an increase in storage charges, you will be given 30 days notice in writing .

  1. Access to Storage

To access the storage there is a fee of  £40.00  per container (for up to 2 hours).

  1. Our right to sub-contract the work

We reserve the right to partially or fully subcontract third parties for the work if necessary. And if we do we will abide to their terms and conditions (including insurance).

  1. Assembling and Dismantling of furniture

We only guarantee the quality of these services for brand new furniture. We will however endeavour to provide our best quality services for all furniture that has been at some point dismantled or assembled by another party.

We reserve the right to request proof of purchase for all furniture that requests assembly or dismantling.

  1. Variation of these Terms and Conditions

Any changes of these terms and conditions may be only done in writing by one of the directors of Speed-Removals.