Laboratory Removal

Laboratory Removal Services: Discrete and Professional

It is no secret that moving sensitive and potentially expensive laboratory equipment poses its own set of challenges. Indeed, many London relocation and removal firms shy away from this sector due to a lack of experience or confidence. Speed Removals believes that regardless of the items to be handled, our customers should be able to enjoy superior levels of reliability. This is the reason why we offer expert laboratory removalservices alongside our standard relocation options. Why have customers preferred to work together with our team for well over eight years?

The Ability to Address Legal and Safety Requirements

One of the more demanding issues associated with any type of laboratory removal project involves adhering to the relevant health and safety codes. This requires a great deal of knowledge combined with excellent levels of hands-on experience. Our team possesses both of these traits. Some of the objects that we are perfectly able to address can include:


  • Delicate glassware.
  • Microscopes and other sensitive equipment.
  • Bulky and cabinet-sized items.


As our trucks are equipped with additional amenities such as fully motorised lifts, you can rest assured that safety will never be a concern. Our technicians are likewise very familiar with the regulations associated with transporting these materials from one London location to another.


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Taking the Bite Out of Expensive Laboratory Projects

Simply because the customer may possess extremely expensive laboratory equipment should never dictate that transportation costs are unreasonably high. Speed Removals has become famous for our cheap and flexible pricing packages. We are therefore able to adapt to the financial requirements of the client without sacrificing our levels of superior service and attention to detail. This is also an excellent benefit during instances when the move would otherwise be limited by a tight budget. All of this will be explained further during a no-obligation consultation.

When Expertise Counts

There is no room for “second best” when referring to any type of laboratory removal. The end result of this approach could be damaged equipment and naturally, customers would never return. Another reason why Speed Removals is the preferred choice is that we have generated a significant portion of our business through word of mouth. So, you can remain confident that even the most challenging of projects will be carried out with the same due diligence that we have become known for. When this is combined with cheap prices and a personable moving team, there should be no doubt why we receive numerous callbacks from previous customers within the scientific and academic community.

More Than Meets the Eye

This is only a brief overview of what we are able to provide to our London clients. Please give us a call to schedule your free consultation. You will be pleasantly surprised at our flexibility and with what we have to offer.