International Removals

International Removals: Your Needs and Your Budget

Although there is no doubt that London is a city which offers a wealth of opportunities, there are nonetheless many times when you may be considering a move abroad. From a much-deserved retirement to sunny Spain to a job offer in Europe, you might suddenly find that you need a cheap and efficient removal service. Speed Removals has been professionally addressing these needs since 2009. Our family-run business takes a great deal of pride in the ability to cater to extremely demanding needs. This is the reason why so many clients have remained loyal over the years.

Why Choose Us for Your International Removals?

The first thing to take into account is that there may be much more than initially meets the eye in terms of an expert removal company. Many firms are associated with fine print, less-than-reliable services and hidden fees that will quickly mount. These are the last situations that you wish to encounter before a major relocation. So, we will make all of our options clear from the very first consultation. You can then enjoy the clarity and insight required to make the right choice at the right time. This is also important so that you can focus upon the upcoming move itself as opposed to needless logistics that should have otherwise been addressed.

Trustworthy and Punctual London Removals

Many international moves are associated with extremely tight budgets. If you have little to no room for leeway, Speed Removals is your perfect option. We will arrive at your London location at an agreed-upon time and date. During an initial consultation, we will also provide you with an estimate in reference to how long the international removal will take to complete. You can therefore turn your attention to other pressing tasks such as coordinating your journey, confirming tickets and meeting with friends.


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Efficiency from the First Haul

Speed Removals offers far more than transportation for your possessions alone. On the contrary, we are able to provide you with all of the most important materials associated with an upcoming relocation. Some examples include:


  • Boxes of standard sizes.
  • Larger units equipped to handle a wardrobe.
  • PVC tape and tape guns.
  • Bubble wrap and packaging paper.


There is no longer the need to look elsewhere or to use substandard packaging materials during your move. As we offer only high-quality products at unbelievably cheap prices, you can save time as well as money.

Rest Easy When Working with Speed Removals

Not only does our team believe that efficiency has characterised our success, but we firmly stand behind the mantra that friendly business simply makes sense. We kindly ask you to contact us to learn more as well as to speak with a qualified representative. Why leave anything to chance during a looming international move?