Disposal Services

Cheap and Professional Disposal Options: The Flexible Advantage

One of the issues associated with many relocations in and around London is the fact that a bit of housekeeping will likely need to take place. To put this another way, it is quite common for those involved in a large project to dispose of items that are no longer needed. While a one-off move from one apartment to another may be logistically simple, things become decidedly more complex in reference to a major relocation. Speed Removals has been providing a number of bespoke options to our clients for over seven years and this tradition continues into the present day.

Efficiency Above All

Our main priority is to provide you with scalable options based around your unique requirements. There is simply no such concept as “one size fits all” in our business. After an initial consultation, we will explain the options that you have. You will then be able to make the most informed decision possible. Some of the factors that we often take into account include:


  • Your location within London.
  • The amount of trips necessary to complete the project.
  • The type of material that needs to be properly disposed of.
  • Your existing budget.


Our philosophy is that if all bases are covered from the very beginning, the chances of hitting any slight “snags” along the way are vastly reduced (if not eliminated altogether). If you would like to know more about our initial consultation process, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.


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Step-By-Step Services to Dispose of Your Waste

Although there is no doubt that a relocation will often involve the disposal of unnecessary items, there are other situations that are equally suited for the help of our trained team. Perhaps you have recently completed a major home renovation. You may have a good deal of landscaping waste after cleaning the garden. These are two other examples of when Speed Removals is here to help. In fact, there are very few instances that we are unable to accommodate.

Speed Removals: The Cost-Effective Option

Not only are we able to offer superior levels of service, but these are all associated with rock-bottom prices. This is obviously important, for it is often difficult to find cheap disposal options within a city known for its exorbitant costs. This will be made clear from the very beginning and as our contracts are completely transparent, there are no hidden fees or any other types of unpleasant surprises down the line.

Only Moments Away

Whether you have just finished a large project or you are planning a move in the future, Speed Removals is here when you need us the most. You can rely upon a highly professional team, amenable pricing packages and above all, a streamlined completion of the task at hand.